Monday, April 25, 2011

Woo Hoo...On to week 2

Well the results are in...check it out. I made a picnic blanket for this summer. I'm so excited to use it. I've been wanting one but did not want to pay for one. :) I used 2.5 yards of fabric, 2.5 yards of batting and then I bought some vinyl to make it water proof. Basically you just sandwich it all together and you get this wonderful picnic blanket. It's huge so we have plenty of room for all of us! I used this tutorial to get a rough idea of what I wanted to do.

I'm excited about week 2. I have several ideas in my head. Just hoping I have the time to get them all completed. Our theme this week is Extra Ordinary. Should be fun!

I got the kids Easter outfits completed...and with 15 minutes to spare Saturday night. Not bad for a procrastinator. Ha ha!

Here is Munchkin #2's outfit. He got to wear it for about 15 minutes at church on Sunday before he proceeded to pee and poop in it. Got to love potty training! I can't remember which pattern I used (I'll have to look later) but I changed the patter a little. Since the fabric I used was so light I decided to line the entire outfit. I LOVE how it turned out.

You already saw Munchkin #1's completed dress. She loved it and told me she looked like a princess. Makes my heart happy to hear her so happy with it. Makes getting almost no sleep totally worth it. :)

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Mama Lusco said...

Your picnic blanket is wonderful! That will be super useful...makes me want to make one, too! Looking forward to seeing your projects this week :)