Monday, February 28, 2011

Despite nursing school and two very busy little ones, I have decided to start selling again at Munchkinmakings. This is a good thing see I have a dear sweet best friend that lives way far away. My #1 munchkin and I were planning on going out to visit her and her family in March but $ is tight so we are having to put it off for a couple months. So I decided to earn my own money so I am guaranteed to get to go see her soon.

Hopefully, keeping my store up and running will also equal lots of blogging about the fun stuff I make or see on the internet. :)

Ok, I just have to share this link. I have two sweet munchkins to keep occupied so I am always looking for fun stuff to do with them. My #1 munchkin loves to color, paint, craft while munchkin #2 not so much :) but we still try with him. So I was beyond excited to see this blog post for homemade art supplies as we are always running out of supplies and making our own sounds like so much more fun. So check it out over at The Homeschool Classroom.

Also here is one of the things I listed in my shop today

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